„Konrad Mägi“. 1932
Author Rudolf Paris

This monograph published by Konrad Mägi’s student contains extensive source materials that later researchers have cited according to Paris’s monograph.




„Konrad Mägi“. 1979
Author Evi Pihlak

This academic monograph completed as the result of research work that lasted a couple of decades is to this day the most comprehensive analysis of Mägi’s oeuvre. There are synopses in foreign languages and many illustrations in the book.




„Konrad Mägi“. 2011
Author Maie Raitar

This monograph written by Maie Raitar is the most voluminous collection of pictures and sources concerning Konrad Mägi. Reproductions of all of Mägi’s paintings that were known to have existed at that time are gathered together here between these covers, and almost all source materials on Mägi are published.




„Konrad Mägi“. 2017
 Author Eero Epner

English translation by Peeter Tammisto, Italian translation by Daniele Monticelli, French translation by Jean Pascal Ollivry, Finnish translation by Jouko Vanhanen.

Konrad Mägi’s biography provides an overview of the artist’s life and creative work in a narrative style, offering a broader insight into Estonian cultural life as a whole at the outset of the 20th century. The biography includes Konrad Mägi’s biographical photographs and dozens of reproductions of paintings.

This biography was released in autumn 2017 to celebrate the holding of Konrad Mägi’s great solo exhibition in Rome at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (10 October 2017 to 28 January 2018).



„Paint Like Konrad Mägi“. 2017. Colouring Book
Author Eero Epner, colouring pictures by Jaan Rõõmus

The colouring book Paint Like Konrad Mägi contains warm-hearted stories written by Eero Epner and colouring pictures of Konrad Mägi’s paintings drawn by Jaan Rõõmus.




“Konrad Mägi”. 2017
Author Eero Epner and Arnaldo Colasanti
The book accompanied the exhibition Konrad Mägi in the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome in 2017-2018.
“Konrad Mägi”. 2018
Written and edited by Eero Epner
The book accompanied the exhibition Konrad Mägi at the Kumu Art Museum in 2018-2019.
“Konrad Mägi. La Luce del Nord / 
The Light of the North”. 2019
Author Eero Epner
The book accompanies the exhibition Konrad Mägi. La Luce del Nord / The Light of the North at the Musei Reali Torino in 2019-2020.