Konrad Mägi. 1932
Author Rudolf Paris. Tartu: Ed. Roos

This monograph published by Konrad Mägi’s student contains extensive source materials that later researchers have cited according to Paris’s monograph.

Konrad Mägi. 1969

Compiled by Tiina Nurk. Tartu Art Museum

The first major survey exhibition of works by Konrad Mägi was held in 1968–1969 at the Tartu State Art Museum 90 years after the artist’s birth. Mägi had been on the list of banned authors for some time after the Second World War but his works could already be exhibited starting from the 1950s. This is the catalogue of that exhibition.

Konrad Mägi: 100 aastat sünnist [Konrad Mägi: 100 Years since his Birth]. 1978

Compiled by Mai Levin. Tallinn: Art Museum of Estonia

Numerous events were held on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Konrad Mägi. The largest and most important of them was the extensive exhibition of Mägi’s works at the Art Museum of Estonia. The exposition was very popular. Additionally, Evi Pihlak’s comprehensive monograph was also published in parallel with the exhibition.

Konrad Mägi. 1979
Author Evi Pihlak. Tallinn: Kunst

This academic monograph completed as the result of research work that lasted a couple of decades is to this day the most comprehensive analysis of Mägi’s oeuvre. There are synopses in Russian and in English and many illustrations in the book.

Konrad Mägi. Artist. Work. Time. 2011
Authors Maie Raitar, Andres Sööt. Tartu: Ilmamaa

This monograph written by Maie Raitar is the most voluminous collection of pictures and sources concerning Konrad Mägi. Reproductions of all of Mägi’s paintings that were known to have existed at that time are gathered together here between these covers, and almost all source materials on Mägi are published.

Konrad Mägi. 2017
 Author Eero Epner. Tallinn: Sperare

English translation by Peeter Tammisto, Italian translation by Daniele Monticelli, French translation by Jean Pascal Ollivry, Finnish translation by Jouko Vanhanen, Norwegian translation by Øyvind Rangøy.

Konrad Mägi’s biography provides an overview of the artist’s life and creative work in a narrative style, offering a broader insight into Estonian cultural life as a whole at the outset of the 20th century. The biography includes Konrad Mägi’s biographical photographs and dozens of reproductions of paintings.

This biography was released in autumn 2017 to celebrate the holding of Konrad Mägi’s great solo exhibition in Rome at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (10 October 2017 to 28 January 2018).

Paint Like Konrad Mägi. 2017. Colouring Book
Author Eero Epner, colouring pictures by Jaan Rõõmus. Tallinn: Sperare

The colouring book Paint Like Konrad Mägi contains warm-hearted stories written by Eero Epner and colouring pictures of Konrad Mägi’s paintings drawn by Jaan Rõõmus.

Konrad Mägi. 2017
Author Eero Epner and Arnaldo Colasanti. Tallinn: Art Museum of Estonia

The book accompanied the exhibition Konrad Mägi in the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome in 2017–2018. The book is in Italian and English.

Konrad Mägi. 2018
Written and edited by Eero Epner. Tallinn: Art Museum of Estonia

The book accompanied the exhibition Konrad Mägi at the Kumu Art Museum in 2018–2019.

Konrad Mägi. La Luce del Nord /
The Light of the North. 2019

Author Eero Epner. Tallinn: Art Museum of Estonia

The book accompanies the exhibition Konrad Mägi. La Luce del Nord / The Light of the North at the Musei Reali Torino in 2019–2020. The book is in Italian and English.

Konrad Mägi. 2020

Author Eero Epner. Tallinn: Art Museum of Estonia Mägi’s biography and a selection of his more important works are contained in this book published by the Art Museum of Estonia. The book is in Estonian, English, and Italian

Konrad Mägi. The Enigma of Painting. 2021

Compiled by Pilvi Kalhama. Espoo: EMMA

A collection of articles where foreign researchers analyse Konrad Mägi’s oeuvre for the first time. Articles on Konrad Mägi’s works and various contexts around his paintings. The book was published on the occasion of the extensive exhibition of Konrad Mägi’s works that was held at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) in 2021–2022. The book is published separately in Finnish and English.

Konrad Mägi. 2022
Compiler Eero Epner. Tallinn: Sperare

An album devoted to Estonia’s premier painter Konrad Mägi (1878–1925) gives English-language readers an overview of the artist’s works and world.
At the heart of the nearly 500-page work are about 100 of the artist’s most important works accompanied by mini-essays, compiled with input from not only art history but meteorological data and botanical analysis for pinpointing some details characteristic of Mägi. It also explores the historical, social, political, aesthetic and other contexts. A number of the locations where Mägi painted have been identified more precisely.
The album includes a full index of Mägi works, with thumbnail reproductions of all 283 of Mägi’s known works, including the ones that survive only as a black-and-white reproduction.
The album was compiled by Eero Epner, with design and layout by Angelika Schneider. The translation into English is by Kristopher Rikken and copy editing of the translation is by Martin Rünk.

Konrad Mägi. Seninägemata maalid [Konrad Mägi. Unseen Paintings]. 2023
Author Eero Epner. Tallinn: Konrad Mägi Foundation

From its very beginning, one of the aims of the Konrad Mägi Foundation has been to seek lost works by Konrad Mägi (1878–1925). This is not a particularly easy task. It is not only akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, often it is not even known exactly where that haystack is located. Estonia? Russia? Sweden? Australia? There is a great deal of confusion, false leads, unexpected detours, but mostly lack of knowledge – the paintings have unfortunately left very few documented traces of themselves.

In recent years, the Foundation has succeeded in finding dozens of works by Mägi that had hitherto been thought to have been lost or were not known to have existed, for which reason they could not have been thought to be lost. The book tells the stories of the disappearance and finding of those paintings.

The book accompanies the exhibition Konrad Mägi. Unseen Paintings, which will be held at the Estonian National Museum from 13 October 2023 to 7 January 2024.

Värviline Mägi. [Colourful Mägi] Graphic novel about Konrad Mägi. 2023
Author Joonas Sildre. Tallinn: Konrad Mägi Foundation

Joonas Sildre’s voluminous graphic novel pictorially sums up the more important turning points in Konrad Mägi’s (1878–1925) life and oeuvre, especially stressing the importance of colour in Mägi’s art.

Joonas Sildre considers Konrad Mägi in the network of his own internal tensions and quests, the international context, and the circumstances in Estonia in the first half of the 20th century.