Exhibition at Mikkel Museum aids in discovery of new Konrad Mägi paintings

18 September marked the close of an exhibition of hitherto unseen works by Konrad Mägi at the Mikkel Museum of the Art Museum of Estonia. The brainchild of the Konrad Mägi Foundation, the exhibition was extremely well-received, drawing close to 11,000 visitors over three weeks. The exhibition of private collections and the publication of a new comprehensive work on Mägi have led to yet another welcomed result – in recent weeks, new Konrad Mägi paintings have been discovered in Estonia, Norway and Australia.

The exhibition introduced works from private collection never seen before by the public and familiar only from reproductions. Simultaneously with the exhibition, a voluminous album devoted to Mägi’s art was published. The work compiled by Eero Epner covers all of the artist’s known works. The album includes about 40 works previously unknown to the public and about 17 of them were on display at the exhibition.

“The exhibition of the unseen Mägi works was small in number but very large in content. The size was conferred by the voluminous and thorough album compiled by Epner. It is a nearly complete catalogue raisonné of the artist, characterized by a lively style and interdisciplinary approach. It clearly highlights the artist’s personality, the style of his works and values as a painter, and also the people, weather conditions and entire era that surrounded him,” said Mikkel Museum director Aleksandra Murre, in talking about impressions shared by exhibition goers.

The Konrad Mägi Foundation will continue the search for lost works, thanking everyone who has let them know about paintings in their possession and awaiting more information about hitherto unseen works at info@konradmagi.ee.