Konrad Mägi’s oeuvre covered by new substantial work

A new album featuring the complete works of early 20th century Estonian painter Konrad Mägi (1878–1925) has been published in English.

A production of the Konrad Mägi Foundation, the album’s nearly 500 pages include about 100 of the artist’s most important works accompanied by mini-essays compiled with input from not only art history but meteorological data and botanical analysis for pinpointing some details characteristic of Mägi. It also explores the historical, social, political, aesthetic and other contexts. A number of the locations where Mägi painted have been identified more precisely.

The album includes a full index of Mägi works, with thumbnail reproductions of all 283 of Mägi’s known works, including the ones that survive only as a black-and-white reproduction. In the course of compiling the album, close to 40 hitherto unknown or lost Mägi works were found.

The album also includes a short biography of the artist and is furnished with a number of biographical and illustrative photographs and other materials.

The album was compiled by art historian Eero Epner with some of the entries contributed by Lola Annabel Kass. Design and layout is by Angelika Schneider. The translation into English is by Kristopher Rikken and copy editing of the translation is by Martin Rünk.

This is the first work of this size surveying the works of Mägi to be published in English.

The book is published by Sperare OÜ.