Marianne Kõrver was awarded the Konrad Mägi Foundation Prize

The film director Marianne Kõrver earned this year’s Konrad Mägi Foundation Prize. Marianne Kõrver is the author of two biographical films on Konrad Mägi. The first of these films accompanied Konrad Mägi’s successful solo exhibition in Turin. The second, Art is the Only Way Out, premiered on the 142nd anniversary of Mägi’s birth on 1 November.
Regarding Kõrver, the Foundation’s Board highlights her engrossed and creative style of presentation, her focus on the intrinsic values of painting, and her accentuation of new ways of interpretation. The prize was awarded at the festive premiere of Konrad Mägi’s biographical film at Sõprus Cinema.
The Konrad Mägi Foundation Prize is intended to be awarded to a person or a collective that has done a great deal to present the work of Konrad Mägi (1878-1925), the most important painter in Estonian art history. Tõnis Saadoja, the designer of numerous exhibitions of Mägi’s works, earned the prize last year. The amount of the prize is 5,000 euros.