Premiere of the biographical film Art is the Only Way Out on the life of Konrad Mägi.

The biographical film Art is the Only Way Out on the life of Konrad Mägi premiered at Sõprus Cinema and on Estonian Television on 1 November.
The film director Marianne Kõrver’s documentary film tells of the life and work of the painter Konrad Mägi. According to the film’s author, what interested her most in creating this film was Mägi’s contradictory and at times inscrutable personality, different aspects of which carry over into his creative work as well. The passionate and self-destructive story of Mägi’s metaphysical quests and of a kind of mystique that surrounds both his life and his oeuvre provide the viewer with the opportunity to relate to his art in a very personal and viscerally appreciated way.
Tiina Abel, Tõnu Õnnepalu, Eha Komissarov, Veiko Õunpuu, Jaan Toomik, Hasso Krull, Lauri Sommer, Marek Tamm, Jaan Elken and Kristi Kongi open up on the broader background of Mägi’s oeuvre and on how they relate personally to the artist’s creative work.
The film’s premiere commemorated the 142nd anniversary of the birth of Konrad Mägi. The Konrad Mägi Foundation’s 5,000 euro award was given to the film’s director Marianne Kõrver for presenting the life and work of Konrad Mägi, the most important painter in Estonian art history, in Estonia and abroad in 2019-2020.

The film can be viewed HERE
The producer of the film is the Konrad Mägi Foundation.